Today I woke up feeling exhausted. Normally when I get up in the morning, I'm ready to go and returning to bed is not an option. But as I felt my eyes closing as I wrote in my journal, I knew it would be a good idea to get some more sleep. So I did and slept in until 10 AM. For me, that's sleeping in.

I stayed up late last night working on giving the template of this blog a refresh. Google has released some new templates for Blogger, and I thought it would be good to switch to one of them, especially since I was having a few issues with the 3rd party template I installed.

Optimistically, I'm hoping that this post will mark me returning to my blog. I feel like I'm notoriously bad at sticking to stuff at times. Maybe I just set my expectations too high. But when I left my previous blog, I knew why I wanted to leave it. Yet, when I got here, I found myself staring at the blank page, finding it hard to remember what I wanted anymore.

I wanted a blog where I could throw more at it than just comic making advice. I enjoy writing and art. I wanted something that could take both. And figuring out what to write was a pain.

From the point of a storyteller--as someone who creates fiction written and drawn, blogging something other than how-to articles seems like a tough but necessary thing to do. It like when you Google blogging advice, the results are more catered to non-fiction. "Pick a few topics and stick to them." "Top ten lists are great."

This advice is a good fit for those who have information to share, and a lot of storytellers do take the how-to article angle. It isn't like I'm never going to write anything on this blog about the craft of writing or art techniques, but I feel like doing nothing but how-to posts isn't good for the main audience of someone who makes fiction. And the main audience of a fiction-maker such as myself are people who enjoy what I create. The main thing I do is entertain, and how-to articles may be good for other writers and artists, but not exactly for readers.

It's an ongoing struggle for those who make fiction, and in my search for blogging identity, I've found some helpful articles. My favorite is this one at The Internet Writing Journal. My second favorite is this one at DIY Author. The second one is the typical, "Things Fiction Writers Should Blog About" kind of post, but it's without a doubt, the best list I've found so far. My number one favorite is a really old post written in 2005, but I think this article hits the heart of what storytellers should blog about, and brought back to mind some of the artist blogs I like to follow.

On the artist blogs I follow, I've noticed that the artists tend to write about how their day went or what's going on in their life, and then show a piece of artwork or something in progress. They may write a little bit about their technique, but not much. Still, I find getting a peek into their lives so interesting.

Fiction writers are the same. I don't need to think of a blog post about writing or how to write. I write every day. What I need to write about is what I'm doing and share a little bit of that. When I think about it, I feel super excited, because I do all kinds of stuff every day--typical things and things that are related to my story.

So will this become a daily blog? We'll see. Will I blog more often now? Most definitely.

My husband is cooking dinner as I type this, I think to myself of what a fortunate girl I am! 😍 After dinner, I'm going to be working more on the 2nd book of The Altered Realities of a Dream-maker.

In case you didn't know, I'm currently posting Book 1 of this story, The Altered Realities of a Dream-maker: Jellyfish Dreams, on Wattpad.

I'm testing out voice typing. It takes a little bit to get used to, but I like it because it saves my hands from the wear of writing longhand and regular typing. And I still need to come up with a title for the second book.