For a long time, my Etsy shop has been sitting around doing not much of anything. Recently, I've decided to use my Etsy shop to stretch my multipotentialite muscles. Not only would it be fun, but I could also learn something about my creative process across different disciplines.

My 30 Day Challenge

My goal is to list something new to my Etsy shop every day for 30 days. Each day I have to list an item of increasing dollar value. So on day one, I have to make an item that I can set the price to $1, day two I make something that is worth $2 and so on. Also, I want everything I make to be available for download.

I allow myself to have breaks because this challenge is intense. After going for 11 days straight, I 'm taking a week off, just to start again this weekend.

The Upside to All This

This challenge allows me to play with my wide variety of skills in a short time. To meet my goals I have to create at least one item per day on average.

I don't know if people will be interested in buying what I make or not. So with that in mind, I realized it's best to create things that I'm proud of, but didn't spend a ton of time making.

I'd rather create things that are simple and valuable, get some feedback, and decide if I should take the idea further or not. With my current process, it's okay if I meet no response because I didn't spend a lifetime on it, and it's not the only project I have.

For each project, I research Etsy to see what items are currently going for the cost I'm aiming for. Often I have no clue what I'm going to make until I start doing some looking around.

This method builds my awareness of what people are looking for, but at the same time helps me think of things I can do to break away from the trend as well.

My work falls into the categories of guides and how-to's, art prints, and calendars and planners.

So far I've created:
  • A desktop organizer
  • A weekly to-do list
  • 2 quote/word art printables
  • Dated notes printable
  • A daily planner printable
  • A project planner
  • A reading log
  • The Embrace Your Weird Workbook
  • Connect - A Guided Journal for Navigating Shyness
  • Leaves Pattern Printable Wall Art
Right now my shop is this fun and crazy thing, which is okay because that's better than nothing. At the end of the challenge, I'm going to go back through and clean things up.

Visit my Etsy shop Ink & Type to see it all for yourself.

Next on the list is creating editable digital notebooks/workbooks for Xodo or Goodnotes, a writing workbook, and a few pieces of art.

This challenge has also inspired me to think about trying a similar challenge that's artwork only or writing only in the future.

Test Yourself

If you're a polymath or multipotentialite who has a neglected collection of skills, try putting together a challenge that allows you to use a wide variety of your talents over a short period.