Over the past month, I set the intention to do better with working along with my natural cycles, especially my seasonal and feminine cycles, because those are the cycles that impact me the most. Following them keeps me connected to who I am as a creative person.

Springtime is when my shiny-object squirrel brain is fully activated, so it’s been a great opportunity for noting down my ideas, organizing them, and leaping into experimentation. Also now that I think about it, prioritizing moments of stillness will also help to calm this explosive, Explorer energy.

As a writer who sells her work, taking actions to improve my business skills is essential, so I’m deciding to create mini projects that not only help me strengthen my business skills but also sharpen my creative skills. For example, I’m creating a series of mini projects for both Instagram and Pinterest that involves using acrostic poetry for post creation.

Although I love learning through reading, I feel that putting that knowledge into practical projects helps me grow the most. Not only am I creating something I can share, but the act of creating helps me to get better. And to be honest, I’ve always struggled with social media.

However, after I started posting my fanfic to Tumblr, it reminded me of how in the past I built my audience by posting my webcomic to Deviant Art and Twitter. I’m starting to sense that my social media super power isn’t sharing one off thoughts and things. I do way better when I’m sharing a project, so therefore my project approach to social media.

It’s still early in the year. So that means it’s a great time to see what creative season you are in.

Are you in a creative spring, full of ideas? 🌷

Creative summer, relaxing, having fun, and getting active with your ideas and projects? ⛱️

Creative fall, ready to let things go and put the harvest of your creativity out into the world? 🍂

Or creative winter, taking some time away from creating and simply taking in information and inspiration? ❄️

Where are you at right now?

And depending on where you are, what do you want to experience in the season that you’re in?

Experiment with setting an intention of what you want for your current creative season. Setting an intention doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply focus on one thing that what you want.

Considering the creative season you’re currently in, what do you want for this month?

Trying to work with where I am has definitely improved my productivity overall. For example, in the past I used to try to push myself to make things during my creative winter and ended up frustrated and confused when nothing was coming together. Now I’m able to recognize when I’m in that season of creativity, so instead of pushing myself to make things, I accept it and use it as a time to relax and look for inspiration.

It just so happens that my creative cycles match perfectly with naturally occurring seasonal cycles, but that may not be the case for you! Take some time to observe yourself and see what kind of creative rhythm you naturally have.


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