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[You’re Wasting Your Time Creating Social Media Content] (

💖 Fantastic advice for doing social media in an overcrowded and noisy online world.

[Stepping Stones: An Alternative to Value Ladders and Sales Funnels] (

💖 Check out her yearly course subscription as well. It’s a really good deal for a bunch of courses that will help you to build your basic business skills.

[The One Tip that Made Me a Much Better INFP Entrepreneur] (

[As a Multipotentialite and Polymath, I Let My Creative Passions Build My Path] (

[How to Decide on a Business Idea When You Want to Do Everything] (

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The Comfy Business Playbook

The Creative Entrepreneur by Lisa Sonora Beam

The Chic Author: Create your dream career and lifestyle, writing and self-publishing non-fiction books by Fiona Ferris

Punk Rock Entrepreneur: Running a business without losing your values by Caroline Moore

I Can’t Help Being an INFP Writer: 100+ Tips to Help INFP Writers Capture Ideas, Stay Motivated, and Overcome Problems by Arcadia Page


What to do when you’re making less than $1000 per month


FEMININE BUSINESS BUNDLE A softer approach to sharing and selling your work online.


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