My name is Arcadia Page, and I’m a writer/artist. Here’s what you can learn from me:

I enjoy writing about the simple things that help me build a loving relationship with life and myself. As a highly sensitive empath (and an INFP) I feel more empowered when I work from a place of compassion instead of stress.

I’ve written many books, and they are available for purchase if they resonate with you.

I’m best known for The Little Book of Tiny Tasks: Make Your Life More Calm While Getting Things Done 5 Minutes at a Time, Idealist Dreams: How I Learned to Plan as an INFP, and my ancient yet finished webcomic, Mascara (It was saved from the sinking ship that was Smackjeeves to the Internet Archives by some awesome people. Thank you ❤️ Creating this comic was a lovely learning process that I’ll never forget).

Where to find me/contact me

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You can also follow me on Mastodon at

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