Here is a list of recent online resources that I have found helpful. I hope you can find something useful for yourself too!

Blog Pixie. In case you haven't noticed, I've been doing some visual updating to this blog. I'm no stranger to trying out blog templates, and the current template I have now is the best I've tried so far. It's the Wanderlust template from Blog Pixie's site. I also downloaded her Blog Stylist pack, and there is some awesome stuff in there. I like how her web elements and templates are easy to customize. I'm not afraid to mess with code, but I was surprised at how little coding I had to do to get this blog template to meet my needs, unlike other templates I've tried for Blogger. I am now a fan of her lovely work. In the past I've used Photobucket to create online links to images. As the site became more cluttered and clunky, I was ready for a new place to host pictures. From working with my new blog template, I came across It's minimalist and a great place to keep pictures and elements for my blog.

Books2Read. For writers who publish books in more online markets than only Kindle, it can be hard to share a link to all the stores that your book is in with your readers. Books2Read solves that problem. Check out how it works with my latest book by clicking here. Neat, isn't it? 

VIA Strengths Test. The VIA strength's test is another test I'm adding to my collection of personality tests. This one is interesting because it's geared more towards working professionals, and everyone's strengths are different. I like it because it's practical, and it's neat seeing how to make use of my character strengths. In case you're curious, my top five strengths are Love of Learning, Creativity, Judgement, Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence, and Perspective. 

VIA Strengths Challenge. Making use of character strengths is covered more on this site. The free ebooks are nice, and I like doing the 10 minute challenges. They're fun and easy, and they make me have more appreciation for what I'm good at. I'm not someone who signs up for many email lists, but this one is pretty good. I read each email I get. 

So that's the love list for this month. Any questions? Thoughts? Have you discovered anything awesome lately? I'd love to hear what you think.