In October I shared with blog subscribers that I will be taking a break from updating this blog from the start of December to the end of January.

For some reason, the winter months tend to be creative dead zones for me. I have fewer ideas, the ideas I do have often suck, and burnout comes knocking at my door.

I’ve finally realized that I need to use this time to do what comes naturally me which is resting, exploring, and wandering without any expectations.

I think we all probably have a hunch of what our dead months are. For years I’ve known that January, December, and February, aren’t that great for me. On the other hand, August to November are my prime months.

Although I won’t be posting to my blog for the next two months, still feel free to contact me on Twitter or email. However, please be understanding if it takes me awhile to respond.

I’m most excited about using this break to delve into my personal projects. I’m really getting into loom knitting, so I can’t wait to do more of that. I’m also getting more acquainted with coding via Neocities. I hope to eventually replace my Musings blog at Bear Blog with the one I’m creating at Neocities. I love the Bear Blog project, but I like the visual control of Neocities, and I enjoy the other blogs I’ve discovered there.

I’ll also be doing some much needed housekeeping to this blog. I want to update the color scheme, condense pages, and make some other minor cosmetic changes. I plan to remove the Pinterest “Pin It” button (it’s soooo 2017). I also want to introduce concepts I’m learning from the latest resurgence of personal blogging to this blog.

Thanks to the efforts of thoughtful front-end developers, retro internet enthusiasts, and people who just want an online home away from social media, personal blogs and homepages (and even web-rings!) are making a quiet comeback.

I feel that the typical commercial blog has become a nuisance, and unfortunately modern advice on blogging encourages new bloggers to continue to be annoying to their readers. I can go on forever about this topic, but my hope is to keep my blog a creative place that doesn’t bombard visitors.

I will also be updating some of my book descriptions, re-evaluating my social media, rethinking where I sell my books, and other housekeeping odds and ends.

So that’s what I’ll be up to. Around the end of February, I will be back with blog season three. The theme is going to be “What INFPs can learn from ___” The blank will be filled with the seemingly random things that has taught me unexpected lessons about being an INFP. I’m looking forward to sharing my discoveries with you.

By the way, if you haven’t noticed, I also have a new book out! It’s entitled “Thoughtful Planning; How I Learned to Use Journaling to Set Intentional Goals & Design Flexible Days.”

So that’s all for now. Take care, stay healthy, and I’ll see you in February!