I usually share updates in my emails, but right now I have so many updates that an email won’t do them all justice!

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Consulting Sessions for INFP Writers

So to kick things off, I’m happy to let you know that I’m now available for writing consultations with INFP Writers. I’ve realized that I enjoy working one on one with people. The sessions are short–15 minutes. I like short sessions because they are focused and also leave room in my day to work on other writing and projects. And short sessions will take up little space in your day too. I know we’re all busy.

As explained on the page for INFP Writer Consulting, these sessions are more about addressing your writing process and the related feelings than the mechanics of writing. It’s not for giving you criticism or technical feedback. It’s more about helping you to create a sustainable and satisfying writing life.

Click here to book an appointment.

Soon, I would also like to create similar sessions for those who need help with planning and time management.

Reviews are Now Open in my Shop

I finally gave my Payhip store a much-needed update! You can now leave reviews on my books. If you have already purchased my books, I would appreciate it if you could leave some reviews. Google algorithms love seeing reviews, and leaving a review will help my books reach others.

I’ve Left Twitter

I wanted to leave for a long time, but I held on because back when I was a webcomic artist, that was one of the best places to build a following thirteen years ago before the algorithms came.

But honestly, I used modern Twitter haphazardly, and I never truly enjoyed being there. I feel like my tweets kept getting buried, and interaction was non-existent.

So if you would like to follow me, subscribe to my email list or look me up on Mastodon, where I am much more active.

You can also follow this blog via RSS. I know it’s a bit old school, but I think people are looking for ways to own the resources they follow, instead of leaving it all in the hands of businesses that may be here today but gone tomorrow. Using RSS is a good way to do that.

As a side note, Mastodon is a very healthy community for writers and creatives. If you need any recommendations on which instances/servers to join, feel free to reach out to me.

Introducing Supporter Memberships

Reality is a mood killer. And the reality is that to make a living as a self-published author, you need to have about 20 books in your catalog. I know without a doubt that I have 20 books within me, but it’s going to take some time to let all of that out.

Unfortunately, this reality forces many indie/self-published authors to work in unsustainable ways. You may have noticed that Amazon is cluttered with books on “How to plot your novel in a weekend” and ”How to write faster.” This is one reason why, besides trying to cater to the NaNoWriMo crowd. Self-published authors know that to make a living, they need to write a lot fast.

This pressure is unhealthy. It’s one thing for a quickly written book to come out of you naturally. It’s another to force yourself to write a book a month. This is damaging and only leads to burnout.

As a self-published author who shares advice with other writers, I want my work to be based on something healthy and nourishing. One to two books a year is the best I can do without pushing myself into overworking–three if I’m on fire that year.

So with this in mind, I’ve decided to start offering perks to those who support my blog via Buy Me A Coffee. My homepage has the details, but with your support, I can continue to create helpful books and blog posts in a way that is kind to my physical, mental and emotional health.

3/11/2024 Update: Trying to keep up a Buy Me a Coffee page became a little bit too much for me so I’ve decided to switch to Paypal. You can support my work (and still buy me a coffee 🙂) by using my Paypal donation page.

Also with this shift, I can also begin to help other writers find ways to break free of the treadmill and take care of themselves.

Updated Privacy Policy

And I saved the most boring for last! My previous privacy policy was cut-and-paste mumbo-jumbo, so I updated it to be clear, readable, and more applicable to this blog and my Payhip store. Click here to read it.

So these are all of the major changes going on over here.

Any thoughts ?Feel free to let me know what you think