Red background white words, a poem for the explorer archetype What? When? How?The wind pulls at me, dancing in circles.Where?I dont know.But I do know that it calls me like a love song.A map that tastes like flowers and feels like stardust, granting me wishes that Im yet to discover.

Simplicity is the Reduction of Choice

So far I've written two new chapters for my book, How I Learned to Plan as an INFP. I'm halfway done with the overall updating process. I'm excited about including new things and simpler methods.First, when I started writing this book, I was using about four different programs: Focus Writer,... [Read More]

How I Created My HSP Sanctuary

Because of my sensitivity, I often need a place to retreat so I can regain my physical and emotional balance. Much of the information out there for HSPs involves avoidance. There's avoiding too much visual, auditory, and other types of stimulation. However, recently I read Emotional Sensitivity and Intensity: How... [Read More]
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