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Simplicity is the Reduction of Choice

So far I've written two new chapters for my book, How I Learned to Plan as an INFP. I'm halfway done with the overall updating process. I'm excited about including new things and simpler methods.First, when I started writing this book, I was using about four different programs: Focus Writer,... [Read More]

How I Created My HSP Sanctuary

Because of my sensitivity, I often need a place to retreat so I can regain my physical and emotional balance. Much of the information out there for HSPs involves avoidance. There's avoiding too much visual, auditory, and other types of stimulation. However, recently I read Emotional Sensitivity and Intensity: How... [Read More]
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Using Writer's Intuition to Write Fiction

This is a continuation from my post, Using Writer's Intuition to Plan Fiction. Now that I've loosely planned my story, it's time to get writing!The BeginningAt the beginning of the story I introduce the MC, the setting, their hopes and desires, how that is the opposite of their current situation.... [Read More]