picture of a table with blueberries and pink baby roses on the top overlayed with a purple hued square with the words in cursive from overwhelmed to calm a journal for stress relief for highly sensitive people

A Busy Girls Guide To Natural Curls

 Also can be purchased from the following ebook stores: Kindle, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks.A Busy Girl's Guide to Natural Hair is a short and straight forward handbook on how to enjoy your natural hair without letting it take over your life. This book outlines wash day details, daily maintenance,... [Read More]
Tags: Nonfiction

DIY Planner

Along with being an artist and writer, I am a huge planner nerd. It's been hard for me to find a planner to suit my needs. I find more detailed planners too big for me to carry easily. And then the smaller planners don't have all the features that I... [Read More]

Welcome to My New Blog!

Picture of me, big hair and all. Starting this new blog is a huge deal to me. Mainly because I can blog and focus on my art at the same time. It's like a dream come true! Comics and stories are upfront, and the blog is a little hidden away.I'm not... [Read More]